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Re: Five Stages to Javelle Gum Print

Thanks, this is helpful; it seems to support my theory that I was using too much pigment and perhaps too much exposure, before. I hope to get back to this soon and hope to post some better results (fingers crossed),

On Dec 7, 2007, at 3:55 AM, Loris Medici wrote:

Of course,

I have only 3 more prints to show. The 2 other prints (trial 2 and 4) on
sized paper have flaked / flagged so much that I just brushed off the whole
emulsion (thinking I may use the papers later again).

Trial 1:
Not enough pigment, too much dichromate, too much exposure. If I got the
dichromate and exposure amounts right it could made a nice print - even if
the blackest blacks are not enough to justify the bleaching procedure.

Trial 3:
Too much pigment, too much exposure. I had to bleach the print more than I
would consider "normal" now, in order to be able to get an image. The result
is too harsh, not pleasing at all.

Trial 5:
Ok pigment, ok dichromate, ok exposure but ruined while trying to finish it
with polyurethane - while the print wasn't hard enough. (See the brushmarks
and how the emulsion came off.)

I was afraid of ruining the good print so I didn't try to coat it with
polyurethane later.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: Five Stages to Javelle Gum Print

You mentioned that there were five stages leading to the final
exquisite portraits of your wife which you informed us were made using gum
with bleach method. Would it be too much to ask of you to offer us another
little w/s showing the imperfect results of these stages ? One often
learns more from mistakes / failures than from the final achievments.

Thank you so much if this is possible.

Ciao. John - Photographist - London - UK

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For those who are interested, I've made a simple web page showing the

1. before clearing
2. after clearing
3. a 100% crop (was scanned at 300ppi)

See: http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/bleach_clear.html