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Re. Bleach and Direct Carbon

Loris and All,
                     The format of  ''Hippy Tower'' is 11 X 14 cm from a digital neg on transparency.
Loris wrote, ''Can you please clearly outline your process? (If you like to.)''
          I would dearly like to answer your very comprehensive question about my process which was arrived at by several years of research, both from reading obscured published and unpublished texts , plus many, many hours of practical work. The practical side of it all has been the most revealing,to me.
           So you would like me to give you, and the World, all the salient details of my process on this List ?
  I  believe that yourself and thousands of others are anything but  ''dummies.''
              Without getting into my cryptic British mode of writing I may say that I have supplied, on several ocassions, enough detail to enable others to pursue a similar path of research to my own. I have often said I would be willing to assist if there were any questions.
There did not seem to be very much response to this suggestion that a good deal of effort would need to be applied to arrive at good results with Direct Carbon research.
A cryptic British suggestion ; why dont you ask Mike Ware about Direct Carbon ?
            Would you think that as a result of all that work I might envisage, at least, a little financial return for my efforts without appearing unduly selfish ? 
              If and when I decide to seriously commercialize my process, you will know about it, as there is no one making and selling a Direct Carbon paper, at present.
Watch This Space ! !
More later. 
''There is no Royal road to success.''
Glad you think '' Hippy Tower''  is a  ''nice'' print .   Thanks.
Sincerely and with good humour.
John - Photographist - London - UK 
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Subject: Re: Bleach

> Nice print - what is the actual size?
> Can you please clearly outline your process? (If you like to.) I don't 
> remember  any clear description of your process (and I'm member of 
> this list since 2003) - only few messages suggesting a lot of 
> different "possible" coating/sizing materials (quite confusing to me - 
> maybe not for those who're more aquainted to historical texts / 
> procedures). Since English is not my native language, I may have 
> missed the clear / real meanings of your several - maybe cryptic - 
> previous postings on the subject. (I may have attributed this to the 
> fact that you're British - in the sense of your writing style -, but 
> it's not the same when I read posts / articles from Mike Ware; they're 
> clear, definite - unless stated otherwise - and comprehensive.) A 
> description targeted for "dummies" would do good. (Sorry if I missed 
> such a posting -> I'd be grateful if you provide me links to those 
> postings then...)
> For the moment I'm pretty satisfied with the method Marek described / 
> suggested *in just few clear words / sentences*, because *it doesn't 
> include any extra step / material other than regular household 
> bleach*. (I mean when compared to good ol' standard gum dichromate as 
> we know it.)
> Regards,
> Loris.
> Quoting John Grocott <john.grocott403@ntlworld.com>:
>> Good Morning All,
>>                                  This Bleach thread seems to have  
>> developed into a ''big deal''.  My own association with Javel Water  
>> is that I have used it for about fourteen years in my Direct Carbon  
>> process as already decribed in several previous postings.
>> There is a modest D/C image of mine made on high quality bog  
>> standard wall paper ( 220 gsm ) ''Hippy Tower'' if anyone would care 
>>  to view it on :-
>> http://picasaweb.google.com/photographist14/HippyTower2007/photo?authkey=DWqHpmYq1zY#5141351674422268306
>> This print is not yet for sale but it could be up for auction in  
>> about 1 0 3 years.
>> I am wondering if  polyurythane  spray coated on both sides ( thanks 
>>  Loris ) would render the print more archival.
>> Happy hols and seasonal greetings to all.
>> John - Photographist - London - UK