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Re: Re. Bleach and Direct Carbon

OK, you can at least list the pros (and cons if any) of your process to your
"potential customers" then... A little PR wouldn't hurt, right? What does
offer your process to those who already get good (BTW, I know that we have
come into concensus about what "good" is, before.) prints with other pigment
processes such as gum dichromate (including the bleach developed variant),
carbon transfer, temperaprint, oil, resinotype, ... et al? I'm asking
because albeit being nice, I can't understand it and/or draw a preliminary
conclusion from the sample you kindly provided.

I think Mike Ware wouldn't an appropiate colloqutor in this discussion
because a) he isn't a member of this list, b) I haven't seen anything
written by him about "Direct Carbon", c) finally, he simply isn't part of
the discussion about direct carbon, javel water ect.

"... I  believe that yourself and thousands of others are anything but
'dummies.' ..."

:) I may not know much about direct carbon or PR / sales (and maybe the
British understanding of the concept humor) but I think this is definitely
not a correct attitude against "potential customers".


From: John Grocott <john.grocott403@ntlworld.com>
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Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2007 15:46:51 +0000
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Subject: Re. Bleach and Direct Carbon

Loris and All,
                     The format of  ''Hippy Tower'' is 11 X 14 cm from a
digital neg on transparency.
Loris wrote, ''Can you please clearly outline your process? (If you like
          I would dearly like to answer your very comprehensive question
about my process which was arrived at by several years of research, both
from reading obscured published and unpublished texts , plus many, many
hours of practical work. The practical side of it all has been the most
revealing,to me.
           So you would like me to give you, and the World, all the salient
details of my process on this List ?
  I  believe that yourself and thousands of others are anything but
              Without getting into my cryptic British mode of writing I may
say that I have supplied, on several ocassions, enough detail to enable
others to pursue a similar path of research to my own. I have often said I
would be willing to assist if there were any questions.
There did not seem to be very much response to this suggestion that a good
deal of effort would need to be applied to arrive at good results with
Direct Carbon research.
A cryptic British suggestion ; why dont you ask Mike Ware about Direct
Carbon ?
            Would you think that as a result of all that work I might
envisage, at least, a little financial return for my efforts without
appearing unduly selfish ?
              If and when I decide to seriously commercialize my process,
you will know about it, as there is no one making and selling a Direct
Carbon paper, at present.
Watch This Space ! !
More later. 
''There is no Royal road to success.''
Glad you think '' Hippy Tower''  is a  ''nice'' print .   Thanks.
Sincerely and with good humour.
John - Photographist - London - UK