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John ( Juan ), or Whoever,
I too think Loris's use of the word most closely resembles No. 11, unfortunately.

Apologies, please, for trying to make me look like a dummy.

Have a neat weekend.

John - Photographist - London - UK

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If cryptic British is like cryptic American, it's #11.

Alberto Novo wrote:
I believe that yourself and thousands of others are anything but ''dummies.''
In my English/Italian dictionary I have many translations fo "dummy", in this order:
as an adjective
1) "mute", "silent";
2) "false";
3) used for "dummy bridge";
4) used in informatics like (dummy activity";
as a substantive
5) like 1
6) manikin;
7) man of straw;
8) like 3
9) mock-up (typogr.)
10) like for the American "pacifier"
11) (slang) dull-minded, idiot.
What is among these definitions the more corresponding for your "dummies"?
This print is not yet for sale but it could be up for auction in about 1 0 3 years.
One century and three?