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Re: Dave Soemarko's LC-1B

Hi Dave,


If one wanted to use this developer for a wide range of subject brightness range conditions, would it be best to,

1. Use the same dilution, say 1:10, and adjust contrast by time of development,


2. Always develop for the same time and adjust contrast by adjusting the working strength.

I did my first tests with Method 1, but am prepared to experiment further if you think Method 2 might give better results.



At 11:10 PM -0600 12/9/07, Jeremy Moore wrote:
Just to go ahead and add the formula to this post for those curious:

"For any newcomer not knowing what I am talking about, the LC-1 developer is
published in the Journal of Post Factory Photography, issue #2. Since people
and I have found that the proportion of 2:3:x works well, I currently don't
mix separate stock A and B anymore. Instead, I use the following formula:

Soemarko LC-1B low-contrast developer
(for developing lith (high-contrast) film to low contrast)

metol 4 gr
sodium sulfite 120 gr
hydroquinone 4 gr
sodium bisulfite 30 gr
water to make 1 liter

The working strength is 1:6 to 1:12 depending on the contrast the you like.

Dave S"