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Re: Dave Soemarko's LC-1B

Folks can also see pictures of Sandy's new camera here:




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Don Bryant


-------------- Original message from Sandy King <sanking@clemson.edu>: --------------

> Just want to thank Dave Soemarko for his LC-1B formula, which I just
> used for the first time this evening in an attempt to do some BTZS
> type testing with a Kodak Ortho lith film. I had forgotten about this
> formula and did some initial tests with various other formulas, with
> very bad results.
> Then I remembered Dave's work on the formula that was published in
> Post Factory, and in the book by Christopher James. So I went to
> James, got the formula and mixed up the soup. It really worked great.
> You have to really test this lith film carefully because it is
> trigger happy in terms of contrast, but with a bit of work I was able
> to derive data that should allow me to expose the film in the f ield
> over a fairly wide range of SB R and develop for continuous tone.
> I might mention that the immediate reason for this testing lies in
> the fact that I just took delivery on a new Richard Ritter 20X24"
> camera. Very rigid, with a full range of movements, and weighs 23
> lbs! I have some continuous tone film on hand but at the current
> price I thought it might be interesting to get used to the camera
> with lith film, which is much less expensive. And as luck would have
> it, I have a couple hundred sheets of Kodak Ortho lith film, so that
> is what I am experimenting with. With the very good success I have
> had with the Soemarko LC-1B formula I figure in a day or two I will
> be ready to load the new featherweight camera in the SUV and hit the
> trails.
> BTW, if anyone is interested in seeing pictures of the feather weight
> 20X24, go here,
> http:/ /www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=31245
> Also note the round photography in the background of all three
> pictures. That photograph is a portrait of me made by the famous
> photographer Sam Wang.
> Sandy King