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Holiday Season

Thanks for such a nice message, Jack. I wish the same to all of you here. It
has been great for me to be part of this list for more than a decade now, I

Looking back, I see myself going from a super nice and friendly person (some
people of the list described me as that) to an angry and mean person and
hopefully back to "normal" now. The angry and mean personality came as
things (or almost everything) in life didn't work out well. We are so
vulnerable. I knew I should not be that kind of person, and some people
(including those on the list) had pointed it out to me, but I was/became
one; so I would like to take this opportunity to apologize if in the past I
had been mean and/or offensive to any of you.

May all of you have a nice holiday (this is a little early but many work in
school I believe and will be on vacation soon)!

And maybe we can even work for more harmonious communication and encouraging
comments for the new year. We can do that, right? After all, artists and
photographers are sensitive people, I have learned; but that must also mean
we can understand others' feeling better too.

After being on the list for so long, I came to realization that all of you
have been part of my life, and I thank you for that.

Happy Holidays again!

Dave S

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> Just catching up with all the posted stuff you wonderful 
> people have contributed, including the forth and back dis & 
> agree-meants and reading about Sandy's fine new camera in the 
> midst of the digital revolution, all of you folks are 
> marvelous, kind, sweet and generous and I appreciate it all. 
> Though I've not contributed much for a number of months it is 
> my desire to wish you all a most happy holiday season and 
> with the hope that aught eight brings you all multiple 
> aspects of goodness, health, fun and fine photographic work.
> Cheers
> Jack Fulton