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Re: mounting issues

On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, john@johnbrewerphotography.com wrote:

I want to mount an image showing all borders of the paper the image is on within a matt. I don't really want to use archival corners as they will show. Would gum, (as in gum used in gum printing), be acceptable as an adhesive without archival problems?
John, my guess is you wouldn't have "archival" problems so much as stickiness problems... and if the gum dried up so the paper dropped off after the package was sealed, that would be a pita.

Why not get some archival 2-sided tape... it's expensive (relatively) -- I bought a roll about 1/3 inch wide & reasonably long at Grand Central Artists' Materials a while back... Something like $12 (maybe more, memory does not serve) for a roll reminiscent of "scotch tape" seemed steep, but the stuff is terrific. Very strong (moreso I imagine if you burnish it down with finger or tool), and as far as I can tell so far, doesn't dry out or give up. Also, to economize, you don't need to run it the entire length of each edge... depending on the thickness and "spring" of the paper, and of course the size -- you can do corners and sections.

I don't know offhand the maker's name, but can check if you need it.

HOWEVER, if you change your mind and want to remove the print, you may run into trouble... Offhand, I'd think a solvent would be requived (lacquer thinner maybe?). You can perhaps peel the print off slowly and verrrry carefully, but I wouldn't take a chance. Odds are good back of the print would tear.