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Re: OT: 16 bit editing myth or reality?


Your statement below that the difference is insignificant just is not true.  Have you actually worked with many files or is this all just academic day dreaming?

A 16 bit capture provides an incredible file — I have prints made from images I captured with my Hasselblad digital that were designed to push the edge on subtle tonal transitions—the prints are incredible.  Some on this list may have seen my Nautilus Shell, both as a digital print and a PT/PD print made from a digital negative made from the same file... I don't think you will find any smoother, more subtle tonal transitions than that.

Now back to the real world hehehee

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All this above is true while in hi bit mode but the question is what happen to these extra bits when you need to print the image knowing the majority of consumer printers out there are 8 bit printers? The simple answer is, they go back to the black hole they came from. The true benefit of editing in hi bit mode is so small, it is for all practical purpose insignificant on actual prints but I'll give you this it looks much better while in this hi bit mode.

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