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Re: Pinters might be OT

Hey Sam,

I did use the recent transparency material that Don had suggested. I don't know if they're labeled ultra-thin or not, but they sure seemed a lot thinner than what I'd been using. And I did have trouble getting it to feed, so I just went back to the other transparencies I was using. I haven't tried those again, but I probably should. I expect if I fed it through with a support of some type, it would probably work. Not sure, though. ?

Oh, the other positive of the 3800 that I really like, too, is that it prints larger but doesn't require a whole room (or house) of its own. I have a friend who had one of those big ones (9600?)-- or whatever-- that prints mural size. She eventually sold it, but it was a definite presence.

And-- yes to the print sale! Congratulations to you, too. What a boon for somebody to come by, look through a slew of your work, and just start picking out this one and that one and, before you know it, they're asking for a bulk rate. :) I could really get into that on a regular basis-- for sure.


On Dec 18, 2007, at 10:18 PM, sam wang wrote:


I agree with you and Don about the Epson 3800 being the one. It prints great, especially in the Advanced Black and White mode. I really like the way both photo black and matte black inks are ready to use at all times. That's one feature I wish my 9880 had. Otherwise the 3800 and 9880 print exactly the same. The latter can handle role paper and much wider. Controls and quality of print are the same with both.

Also, these printers have ethernet ports. Just plug an ethernet cable in the back and you can print from anywhere in the house. Very handy.

I have not, however, tried printing on the thinner Ultrafine transparency material. Have you Diana? I think the 9880 might handle it better because of the suction, but cannot say for sure till I actually try printing on it.

Congratulations on the print sale! I also sold a bunch recently. Nice to be able to buy some expensive toys.


On Dec 18, 2007, at 7:02 PM, Diana Bloomfield wrote: