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Re: OT: 16 bit editing myth or reality?

Yves wrote:

You see I speek french and however hard I try to think in english (as one
should), when it comes to explaining conceptual stuff I just can't and it
become extremely difficult for me to find the proper words in the proper
way. The time I loose doing this, I usually loose track of what I was
thinking. This simple reply took me close to 2 hours to write believe it or
not. You can imagine I get frustated quite a lot, not at you all but at
myself and I think it shows sometime and I have to retry several time before
I get it right so the folk here can understand what I mean.

Yves, you're doing just fine in English -- no need to apologize. Imagine how the Amurcans would be doing in French -- could they string 5 words together? (beyond voulez vous...that is).