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Re: OT: 16 bit editing myth or reality?


thanks for the kind words.

If I remember correctly, I ounced said you are kind of a "virtuoso" of your
native language, it seems to come so easy and naturally that it's a pleasure
to read, even when you make fun of me. ( I don't hold it against you, if one
isn't worth a good laugh one isn't worth much)

For you and others born south and west of here and many others around the
world, speaking and writing in english or walking are just as easy, you
don't have to think about it, it just happens. Imagine now, trying to walk
with a pair of leaded shoes or worst with leaded boots, that's about the
feeling I get when I write to you folks. Worst, almost every time I write
something, I almost invariably have the impression that most of you didn't
understand a word of what I said or tried to say. It most be quite a show to
see me trying hard to be understood, so much so that many of you give up
long before I can succeed. I know some have setup their email so that every
thing I mail goes directly in the trash can, no time to waste I suppose. I'm
sure I wouldn't do the same if the situation was reversed but I can

For example, it took me a while to understand the two school of thought
about gum printing. If I got this right, one school uses directly the gum
print as the creation medium or process, I would think you are part of this
group as most other gum printers here. I'm of the other school where the
creation process is done elsewhere, the print is more a media on which the
creation work is expressed or rendered. I understand the two aprroach are
diametrically opposed. While some argue strongly in favor of their school of
thought, I envy the other side, nothing I'd like more to do this with my
hands as you do but I know it can take years to master and I don't know if I
have that time left in my life. At least I have woodworking where I can
express myself with my hands and I find that very rewarding.

Thanks and Happy holidays

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> Yves wrote:
> >
> > You see I speek french and however hard I try to think in english (as
> > should), when it comes to explaining conceptual stuff I just can't and
> > become extremely difficult for me to find the proper words in the proper
> > way. The time I loose doing this, I usually loose track of what I was
> > thinking. This simple reply took me close to 2 hours to write believe it
> > not. You can imagine I get frustated quite a lot, not at you all but at
> > myself and I think it shows sometime and I have to retry several time
> > I get it right so the folk here can understand what I mean.
> Yves, you're doing just fine in English -- no need to apologize.  Imagine
> how the Amurcans would be doing in French -- could they string 5 words
> together? (beyond voulez vous...that is).
> J.