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Image transference; was - archival ness of gum

Dear Group,

Here is a little anecdote I will share with you  though I'm not sure it
falls in line with the same mechanism observed in the image transfer of
platinum prints.

Once upon a time I routinely used yellow Post-It notes to identify sheets of
exposed film while I was on lengthy trips. 

After returning from one such trip I was surprised to see the out line of
the Post-It note in the middle of an exposed sheet of 8x10 Tri-X after
processing. I was pretty blasť about the use of the Post-It notes and I
always put the note on the base side of the film. Apparently the Post-It
note image was transferred to the sheet beneath it on the emulsion side.
After that experience I quit the Post-It note practice.

Just some more food for thought.

Merry Christmas,

Don Bryant