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Réf. : Re: gum mixes

I know very good the work of the Belgian Joseph Sury
I am a original copy of this gum process and this triColor Gum Process
I am also wrinting a book of "The Color" process" in French of Joseph Sury in 1924
Christina, i suposse do you remember of me
Philippe (Belgium)
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Date : 12/29/07 14:19:39
Sujet : Re: gum mixes
I thought for a moment the list was dead--no posts at all until yours for
You all made me decide to track down some lumps and try it.  Henry gave me a
source for Kordofan in GB which not only has that, but other historic
pigments and substances--very cool place.
I've always used powder and whipped it up in the blender.
Hey, here's a fun recipe from a patent--a powdered sensitized formula by a
Joseph Sury from 1908; just mix n' go:
A dry mix of 20 parts gum, 1 part sugar, 4 parts pot bi, 20 parts pigment,
this powder is dissolved in 2x its weight of water at time of use to form a
sensitizing liquid.
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From: "Kees Brandenburg" <ctb@zeelandnet.nl>
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 4:22 AM
Subject: Re: gum mixes
> On 24 dec 2007, at 16:30, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>> Wow, Henry,
>> You are the only one I know, now, that mixes gum from lumps.
> Hi chris,
> See my earlier post: I'm a 'lumper' too ;)
> Lumps are great, you see what you get and the gum solution I get is  very
> clear!
> kees
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