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Re: European patents AND Sury

I was able to find the Sury patent, I think. Its USP 1,571,103. Rather than get it as a series of TIF files I downloaded a PDF using the Google Patents site. Those interested should read the patent. Its short, only about a page and a quarter. The Sury patent I posted earlier was for something else and caused some confusion. Sury evidently worked on multiple printing methods for some time since the first patent was issued in 1909.
These are ALL the filed Sury's patents:
A Photographic Objective of Triangular Prismatic Form, allowing several Images of the same Object to be Produced Simultaneously.
GB190827793 - 1909-05-20
A Method of Preparing Solutions used in the Gum Bichromate Process for Photographic Printing.
GB190827686 - 1909-07-22
Printing on Paper of Photographs in Colour.
GB190827687 - 1909-12-20
Improvements relating to Colour Photography.
GB190921281 - 1910-03-24
Colour Photography on Paper from One Plate.
GB191012252 - 1911-04-27
2 family members derived from 2 applications:
Improvements in and relating to Bichromated-colloid Photographic Processes.
GB191321958 - 1914-08-27
Verfahren zur Herstellung photographischer Abdrucke auf Pigmentpapier und Papier zur Ausfuhrung des Verfahrens.
DE288677 - 1915-11-11
Fremgangsmaade til Fremstilling af fotografiske Aftryk paa Pigmentpapir.
DK19986C - 1915-03-22
Couche sensible pour impression photographique.
CH79504 - 1918-12-02
4 family members derived from 4 applications:
Photographisches Farbstoffpapier.
DE405494 - 1924-11-03
Papier photographique pigmentaire.
FR580888 - 1924-11-18
Improvements in photographic pigment printing paper.
GB216860 - 1925-01-22
Photographic pigmentary printing paper.
US1571103 - 1926-01-26
3 family members derived from 3 applications:
Procédé d'obtention d'un cliché photographique perforé.
BE336896 - 1926-10-30
Procédé d'obtention d'un cliché photographique perforé.
FR640343 - 1928-07-10
A process for obtaining a perforated photographic plate.
GB277012 - 1928-11-29
I find interesting to follow his development of the Color Process since his first patent (GB21958 of 1913 -or 1914?).