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Réf. : Re: European patents AND Sury

I find interesting to follow his development of the Color Process since his
first patent (GB21958 of 1913 -or 1914?).
No, The process with the name "Color" process is only 1924, it is on my web site, it is easy to read this.
The other patents is for the 3 color layers, it is the same process of Sam Wang and Christina Z. Anderson but in 1908,it is 3 patents (+/- 10 pages), i am this patents in French but Alberto Novo find this for you without my help.
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Date : 3/01/2008 16:42:25
Sujet : Re: European patents AND Sury
>    I was able to find the Sury patent, I think. Its USP 1,571,103. Rather
> than get it as a series of TIF files I downloaded a PDF using the Google
> Patents site. Those interested should read the patent. Its short, only
> about a page and a quarter. The Sury patent I posted earlier was for
> something else and caused some confusion. Sury evidently worked on
> multiple printing methods for some time since the first patent was issued
> in 1909.
These are ALL the filed Sury's patents:
A Photographic Objective of Triangular Prismatic Form, allowing several
Images of the same Object to be Produced Simultaneously.
GB190827793  - 1909-05-20
A Method of Preparing Solutions used in the Gum Bichromate Process for
Photographic Printing.
GB190827686  - 1909-07-22
Printing on Paper of Photographs in Colour.
GB190827687  - 1909-12-20
Improvements relating to Colour Photography.
GB190921281  - 1910-03-24
Colour Photography on Paper from One Plate.
GB191012252  - 1911-04-27
2 family members derived from 2 applications:
Improvements in and relating to Bichromated-colloid Photographic Processes.
GB191321958  - 1914-08-27
Verfahren zur Herstellung photographischer Abdrucke auf Pigmentpapier und
Papier zur Ausfuhrung des Verfahrens.
DE288677  - 1915-11-11
Fremgangsmaade til Fremstilling af fotografiske Aftryk paa Pigmentpapir.
DK19986C  - 1915-03-22
Couche sensible pour impression photographique.
CH79504  - 1918-12-02
4 family members derived from 4 applications:
Photographisches Farbstoffpapier.
DE405494  - 1924-11-03
Papier photographique pigmentaire.
FR580888  - 1924-11-18
Improvements in photographic pigment printing paper.
GB216860  - 1925-01-22
Photographic pigmentary printing paper.
US1571103  - 1926-01-26
3 family members derived from 3 applications:
Procédé d'obtention d'un cliché photographique perforé.
BE336896  - 1926-10-30
Procédé d'obtention d'un cliché photographique perforé.
FR640343  - 1928-07-10
A process for obtaining a perforated photographic plate.
GB277012  - 1928-11-29
I find interesting to follow his development of the Color Process since his
first patent (GB21958 of 1913 -or 1914?).
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