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Réf. : Re: Article Posted (RE: Sury & Misonne)

The patent with the number and date are on my web site
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Date : 01/08/08 09:47:33
Sujet : Re: Article Posted (RE: Sury & Misonne)
  From the posted text:
"The paper is sent out unsensit ized"
This would mean that the paper was commercially available since the patent
date, if not before.
I would ask Judy when was edited the #18 in 1924, because the application
date in Belgium was May 30th 1923, but the first published patent filed in
Espacenet is the French one (granted September 13, published November 18).
Curiously, the former French patent (FR460426 of 1913) was filed in
Espacenet but not indicized (that is: without title, inventor name and
date), and I have been able to find it only after having read the posted
Philippe, perhaps you have the Belgian patent. May you tell us when it was
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