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Re: math question verrrrrry off topic

LOLOL you two are cards...

Thanks to all the math answers. I guess it is way more complex than I had anticipated. I was just seeking a random odds thingy (what is the chance of out of 600 objects if 150 are chosen, 3 being chosen) but if I ask for that simple formula (is it 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4?) then my statistics would actually lie, and support the old adage that you can get statistics to support about anything (e.g. I remember hearing way back when that having a colored toilet determined if you were going to get cancer or not).

From: "Barry Kleider" <bkleider@sihope.com>
Has the father of this mythical fourth person left an endowed chair to
the institution? Or, perhaps more immediate -- what's the likelihood the
family would sponsor the exhibition's reception?

First you need to know whether or not they entered gum prints.
Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson