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Hi Sandy,

Well, I sometimes wonder that, too-- if to "simply burn it all and start from scratch" might be best. When I'm not home, but in town, and I hear fire alarms in the area, I always worry that it's my house that's burning to the ground while I'm out buying eggplant or clementines. It's like this big dark cloud that hovers over me, until I finally get home and see that all is well. Still . . . I often wonder what I would do if all my negatives, prints, and digital files were destroyed in this imaginary house fire, or what I'll do if that big satellite that's gonna fall from the sky next month or whenever, will drop right on my house. I have to admit, if I lost all my negatives, etc, I'd be really upset for a while; on the other hand, I think it sure would provide a nice clean fresh start. Maybe we (I) wouldn't feel so restricted in what and how I chose to photograph and print if the slate were wiped totally clean. That's what I wonder, anyway.

On the other hand, I like that I have so many negatives that I never have to go out and photograph anymore if I don't want to. Like you, I think I could just sit here and print the rest of my life, and that would be fine. When I think about doing that, though, I get worn out. I think I've realized that the part I like best about photography is the actual photographing. Deep down, I don't think I ever really liked to print. If I had an amazing space in which to work, then maybe I'd like it better. Then again, that would just put more pressure on me to print, because I have this great space.

The hard drive on my 1 year old laptop crashed last week, and I lost everything on it. I had a new hard drive put in, and I found it really liberating to start fresh. The person who replaced the hard drive gave me a card for one of these companies that will try to reclaim your files for you. I kept the card but decided not to do anything about it. After a week, I can't even remember what I had on it, so I figured that was similar to keeping old clothes that you never wear, just hanging around in your closet taking up space. If you haven't worn them in over a year, you ought to just bite the bullet and get rid of them.

So, yeah, I have similar problems. My main problem is that I could sit around and think about this stuff all day and never get anything done. It's quite a dilemma, for sure.

Good luck with your storage system, or lack of, Sandy. :)


Not sure why others are not posting but in my case it is not because of happy printing. I am in something of a major funk regarding the dismal lack of organization in my system of negative storage. I have been going through hundreds of negatives that were not well organized and filed over a period of many years and trying to put them into some kind of category or date system. The task is quite overwhelming and makes me realize that even I never make another negative I already have so many that I would be lucky to print even 1/10 of them. And after several days of doing this I still have not located the lost or misplaced negatives that set all of this off.

The whole experience has made me quite depressed and I am starting to wonder if it would not be best to simply burn all of them and start from scratch. Is anyone else having similar problems, or is this just a side effect of my bi-polar tendencies?


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