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Negative Funk (RE: problem)

Sandy, Don't stress to much here. This is for me, one the BIGGEST issues in
my creative life. It of course includes all the negatives, positives, etc.
Clarity is a transitory event; some days we have it and some days we don't.
I am working on a show that needs to be up at the end of the month. How many
and what type of print is playing on my mind. I have some idea of what I
want to do, but as I look I see more, get inspired in other directions, and
yet still need to move forward. 

Some of show is coming from work shot in the 80's and some over the last few
months. But it is all coming from TODAY's perspective. So that means, some
ink jet on canvas, platinum prints from digital negs, and some on wood. 

I have been struggling with Lightroom and asset management other wise known
as our file cabinets, file book, folders, etc. for months. I'll post a link
to a web gallery of images when I have a few more ready. 

And when I add to that testing of two new ink sets, the irons better not
fall out of the fire or trouble may spread quickly. Good luck and don't
despair. Hope your travels were relaxing. 

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Dallas, TX 75226
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At 10:15 AM -0500 2/4/08, Diana Bloomfield wrote:
>Maybe the reason a lot of us don't post is that we're busy making 
>photographs and/or printing and/or griping about/intrigued 
>by/volunteering for this presidential election cycle, still getting 
>over our sadness that one of our favorites (ie, John Edwards) has 
>opted out, and-- you know-- just generally living our lives.  I 
>could be wrong, of course.
>Just speaking for me, sometimes a topic comes up that either holds 
>very little interest, or I know nothing about it (more likely), so I 
>don't bother to post. Sometimes I notice people post, and no one 
>ever responds, so we go back to living our lives and try to detach 
>ourselves from the computer.


Not sure why others are not posting but in my case it is not because 
of happy printing. I am in something of a major funk regarding the 
dismal lack of organization in my system of negative storage. I have 
been going through hundreds of negatives that were not well organized 
and filed over a period of many years and trying to put them into 
some kind of category or date system. The task is quite overwhelming 
and makes me realize that even I never make another negative I 
already have so many that I would be lucky to print even 1/10 of 
them.  And after several days of doing this I still have not located 
the lost or misplaced negatives that set all of this off.

The whole experience has made me quite depressed and I am starting to 
wonder if it would not be best to simply burn all of them and start 
from scratch. Is anyone else having similar problems, or is this just 
a side effect of my bi-polar tendencies?


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