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Re: problem

From: Sandy King <sanking@clemson.edu>
Subject: Re: problem
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 12:26:37 -0500

> The whole experience has made me quite depressed and I am
> starting to wonder if it would not be best to simply burn
> all of them and start from scratch. Is anyone else having
> similar problems, or is this just a side effect of my
> bi-polar tendencies?

Depending on when you started photography, they probably won't
burn, at all, or they will only with difficulty. Keeping your
negatives in a cardboard box (non-archival), or a high temp,
high humidity condition should give you a very high pressure
to print all valuable images ASAP.

Anyway, I also have the same problem, but I'd rather deal with
that... than destroying my early images. The more I look at my
early negatives, I become to want more freedom and time to
travel around myself with a camera without worrying about
anything other than burning film... Years ago I drove down to
New Orleans and I slept in a car parked by the river... out of
a few days I was there, about the only significant thing I did
was to take one picture (out of many other pictures that
aren't important) while sitting at a coffee shop on Bourbon St
for hours... waiting for something like this to happen... I
can't do that any more, but I don't know WHY.

Ryuji Suzuki
"Make something religious and people don't have to deal with it, they
can say it's irrelevant." (Bob Dylan, Biograph booklet, 1985)

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