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Re: Mac OS X Leopard (Re: new problem)

Well, you're up on it all and as said earlier, the update for the Leopard OS is coming soon and it'll be BIG.
I'm somewhat fearful of installing it as well for my Imacon scanner might not work and that, well, that will
be a hole in my pocket and tears in my eyes.
Hope it will come to a sweet and perfect finale for you.

Hi Jack,

Thanks. I've read all that. In fact, I think I've read everything on Epson's site. I probably have it memorized by now.

I completely understand everything you (and Epson) are saying; that doesn't make it any less annoying, nor does it help me get my work done. I installed the beta driver when I updated with Leopard.

I just think Apple shouldn't put out anything until it's ready; I don't like being a guinea pig for them (unless I'm being paid to do so). Apple should tell you that their OS updates don't work with some printers, some scanners, and that you might lose other functions on your computer as well. If they did, I missed the memo.

In addition, Apple should be making the software available to Epson before they release the software to the general public; that way, Epson can update as needed-- and it all goes out at the same time. (I do know someone who has a HP printer, and they have had no problem with Leopard. They do now have problems with their scanner since their Leopard update, but not with the printer.)

Hopefully, Epson will have a new driver out by March (as stated on their website). Meanwhile, I'm ridding myself of Leopard and re- installing Tiger on the desktop, too.

Thanks again.