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Re: camera phone as "alternative"

On Tue, 5 Feb 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

It is simple to plug in anyone's email address in the "send" line where you usually plug in the phone number and presto it sends. Plus, the pix are not as small or blurry as one might think. I have Verizon and they show up on email about 3.5x5 let's say--plenty big and sharp enough. It is a great function.
Thanks to Christina, Art, Trevor, Iain, Steve, and Barry (if I missed anyone it's information overload, please excuse) also to Jon for admitting he didn't know what Bluetooth is... (I know the term, do I get half credit?) But no one has answered that one yet.

The various tidbits seem to add up, so after I download & print out and memorize I can probably/possibly fake it when looking for the cable, etc. But a fair picture emerges... even just the fact that it can be done is new info. Again, thanks to "the list."

My brother has twin grandkids in California, ours is in Seattle (is the continent tilting toward the west?) and says they got webcams and can now watch baby chew on his rattle in real time. We'll probably do that too, as much easier than living on an airplane. (If I can't operate a cell phone, I probably can't operate a webcam, but my brother, who lives in New Jersey, a suburb of New York, will teach us -- tho he doesn't know that yet.)

But way more important, Judy, does this mean you are a GRANDPARENT finally?????
So far, only a cell-phone grandparent, which evokes mixed feelings... a colleague of my husband's seems to have circulated a broadside -- the whole crew called to "congratulate" us... Very sweet of course, but I don't understand the congratulations: WE had nothing to do with it. It happened on its own... But extremely interesting... one's own "child "
turning into a father becomes a different person.