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Re: First steps into tri-colour gum

Hi John,
More natural pastel? Raw Sienna for the yellow (quite weak), Daniel Smith PR209 Quinacridone coral for the red, and ultramarine blue for the blue and/or cut pigment load way down on any color combo. More pop? Rowney Permanent Yellow PY 138, Perylene Red PR178 DS and thalo blue. Or increase pigment load. The Rowney Yellow is soooo yellow it is very easy to overdo it, a good thing if you want to do Pop. However, Pop usually has some form of hot pink in it and you might be better served with a quinacridone magenta PR19 like M. Graham Quinacridone Rose.

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Subject: First steps into tri-colour gum

Hi list

Those of you that print tri-colour gum, (with or with out cyanotype), can
you suggest two palates for me to try? One, I want a pop art type of feel
and the other a more natural perhaps verging towards a pastel feel.

Additionally I remember seeing a 'fake' way of gum printing that gave the
illusion of a full colour print but can't find any info. Can anyone point me
in the right direction there please?

Many thanks