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Re: Mac OS X Leopard

Ryuji, hoo-boy, my good pal, Kazu, in Japan, sent the same info as of this morning. He
said, "Time to install Leopard". The update is a bit smaller than Kazu had said it would
be but, whew he is more than up on things Mac.
As for alcohol, possibly said earlier, nothing but the best is what I enjoy. None of this two-buck
Chuck fer me . . though, darnit, it aint that bad. I think I'll go in for a little bit of that Van Winkle
bourbon that has a little bit of wheat in the rye. Rye, ahh, great. Maybe if we don't get into a
discussion of alcohol we could talk poetry: Coming Through the Rye. Good old Burns.

On February2008, at 6:36 PM, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

Ok Jack -

Maybe we need to start an alcohol discussion list but a 180MB
package for 10.5.2 update is out!
Ryuji Suzuki
"People seldom do what they believe in.  They do what is convenient,
then repent." (Bob Dylan, Brownsville Girl, 1986)