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Re: Mac OS X Leopard

There is a fine Kentucky whiskey label called Rip Van
Winkle. Their bourbon and rye whiskey are excellent and I buy
them as a means of inflation hedge. (But I drink them anyway.)
I also buy silver nitrate, Rhum Barbancourt, and parmigiano
reggiano for inflation hedging. However, when the inflation
gets worse than it is now, I'll consume them all myself and
escape to Italia or Haiti.

Ryuji Suzuki

In a way I'd like to try Leopard as you all seem to have
got on the wagon with it and will do so when this next
update is released.
W/my set-up, some problems arose with the CUPS and
so I did not install them or any of the additional languages
that come w/the Mac OS. One an do that by doing a
Custom Install . . . My point is that perhaps the very GIMP
or CUPS drivers might be interfering w/the Epson software.
It is just a thought.
Tomorrow, here in San Francisco, Epson is showing off their
new 11880 64" printer and Rob Simpson, the west coast
technical head for them will be there. If I can remember I'll
query him on this conflict with Leopard and the 3800 and
report back  . . . I just hope I remember.

PS  	The Van Winkle bourbon is excellent and I have a bottle
	in the cabinets. An interesting bourbon, actually a rye, is
	Old Potrero, made by the Anchor Steam beer company.
	The owner, Fritz Maytag (of washing machines) makes a
	fine blue cheese as well, that good Anchor Steam beer
	and Junipero a rather fine and highly flavored gin