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Re: Mac OS X Leopard

From Ryuji
So far I haven't found any untolerable problem. if 10.5.2
comes out soon, that's good news to me but I personally don't
feel the need to wait. I recall, when 10.4.2 or 10.4.3 came
out, the performance increased a bit. I am kinda hoping the
same happens with Leopard.
Okay, I'm going to back everything up and switch.
When I bought my dual G5 PowerMac I thought this would be the
last computer I would need. But then handling 300MB images on
Lightroom makes me wonder maybe I could use a dual quadcore
machine some day :-)
My files are around that size (scanned 35 mm color) &
use a G5 dual 1.8. It works fine but I can easily see what
you are talking about. I'll hold off for another year though

      An interesting bourbon, actually a rye, is Old Potrero,
	made by the Anchor Steam beer company.  The owner,
	Fritz Maytag (of washing machines) makes a fine blue
	cheese as well, that good Anchor Steam beer and
	Junipero a rather fine and highly flavored gin
I thought Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing Company (and Anchor
Distilling Company) was a son of the washing machine
Maytag. All I have read indicates that he is such a whiskey
nerd and he wouldn't have time to worry about washing machines
Yes, you are correct . . Fritz's money came from that area.
He, being into liquor making, and a gourmand, does very
well w/the brewery and distillery.
Old Potrero is an interesting whiskey since Fritz Maytag
wanted to reproduce the first American whiskey, which was made
from rye in Pennsylvania. That's the "old" part of the name,
and not the actual age of the whiskey. (18th century whiskey
wasn't aged as long as today's whiskeys) I am not sure if
extra aging of this whiskey will elevate appreciation, since
it will further deviate from the original concept of the
product, and this is not a part of my "investment" portfolio.
Your thoughts on "investment" are wise and it looks as though,
unbeknownst to me that I have also "invested". Prior to purchasing
the rye I called the distillery, finding there are two versions, one
being aged longer. They are both in the $60 or so category but
worth it. She (the person I spoke with) said the recipe is from the
Revolutionary War period and that during that time the soldier did
not live long enough to appreciate (or be able to) an aged whiskey.
George Washington's army were most likely made up of men with
an average age of 20-21 like the Civil War . . . and I believe many
teenaged men. Times were tough, it was an agrarian society, the average
work week was 70+ hours and life span for men was about 35 years.
They did not have enough time to fiddle around waiting for an aged
And that's about all I know.

Ok, that's about all I know about the U.S. history.
Ryuji Suzuki
"People seldom do what they believe in.  They do what is convenient,
then repent." (Bob Dylan, Brownsville Girl, 1986)