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Re: My first platinum-palladium over gold leaf prints

Thanks, Mark,

Good to know.

It seems sometimes, too, that the reflectance of gold in a pigment base isn't as shiny in general, and also when gold powder is put in a gum layer (gold powder as in powdered pigment, not gold of course!).

Keith, I placed a cyanotype I had on gampi paper over aluminum foil (I "one-upped" you on tightwad--I didn't even make a print AND I didn't shellac it, heheheheh) and it just looked like a brighter print--the silver didn't look silver enough...so the shellac must do the trick to make it look metallic I suppose? Hmmm..I do have a can of shellac somewhere around here. OH I think you used varnish, tho...

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Jumping in here. Interesting question Chris. As an art conservator my experience with various gold and gold like materials has shown me that if you were really wanting that very special look of high carat gold leaf you won't be satisfied with the gold acrylic.

Another thing, Dan have you transilluminated your gilded print with a very strong light in a darkened room yet? Gold leaf when transilluminated by a strong light (how strong, I don't know, haven't tried it) first absorbs the light energy, passes it through itself in some other form and then re-emits it on the other side in a monochromatic green color known as "atomic light". As far as I am aware it is the only instance of such a reaction. Perhaps the standard leaf may be too thick for this but you never know. If you try it let me know what the overall effect is, it might be rather interesting.

Mark MacKenzie

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Yeah, I feel the same way, Keith. I talk about "danotypes" when I teach palladium over ink jet, and now yet another process to whet a class's appetite with.

Dan, is there any reason you couldn't "tightwad" it and use gold acrylic pigment?