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RE: My first platinum-palladium over gold leaf prints

Dan, Maybe you need to take it up the road and have someone bless it at
Woodstock and let some other spirits come forth. : ) 

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> Subject: Re: My first platinum-palladium over gold leaf prints
> Hey Mark,
> Darn! I just tried shining a strong construction light through some of
> the gold leaf and, you're right, the transmitted light has an eerie
> cyan shade. Who'd a thunk it?! The only side effect was the unexpected
> appearance of spirits from the past. Best to use the gold with
> reflected light me thinks; Edward Curtis isn't much of a guest as it
> turns out. ;^)
> Thanks for the intriguing sidebar.
> Dan
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> On Feb 15, 2008, at 8:22 AM, Mark MacKenzie wrote:
> > Another thing, Dan have you transilluminated your gilded print with
> > a very strong light in a darkened room yet?  Gold leaf when
> > transilluminated by a strong light (how strong, I don't know,
> > haven't tried it) first absorbs the light energy, passes it through
> > itself in some other form and then re-emits it on the other side in
> > a monochromatic green color known as "atomic light". As far as I am
> > aware it is the only instance of such a reaction.  Perhaps the
> > standard leaf may be too thick for this but you never know.  If you
> > try it let me know what the overall effect is, it might be rather
> > interesting.