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Pittsburgh as "gum" destination

I have in hand the March/April Photo Review Newsletter, always a trove of interesting shows and events in this area (mostly Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York).

Admittedly I don't get to many of them, tho the roster itself is an education. This time, however, there's one I feel compelled to see, but perusal of my (very old) Atlas suggests you can't get there from here without a private jet. (Who knew Pennsylvania goes all the way to Kansas?)

"Gum Bichromate Images from the 1920s/ Hand Colored and Hand Manipulated." Also, of less compelling interest to me personally, but an added attraction is "Pittsburgh in White: 1947 Snowstorm Images."

The show is at a place which also sounds worthy (although somewhat redundantly titled, my editor suspects): Photo Antiquities Museum of Photographic History, 531 East Ohio St, Pittsburgh.

The item includes a phone number (412/231-7881) and the show is apparently open Mondays thru Saturdays 10 to 4 until March 31.

I'll call to see if any travel advice is forthcoming. (Husband says it's an 8-hour drive from NYC, suggests I take a bus, confident that buses do run from Manhattan to the midwest.)

Meanwhile, if anyone has seen this show, or knows more about it, please share. And/or if anyone is inspired to join me in the trip, I'd love to hear from you.