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RE: Pittsburgh as "gum" destination-reply with advice

Judy and the list,

There is a commuter flight from NYC JFK to Pittsburgh International. I believe it to be Delta Airlines. It is a smaller plane.
Once in the air the flight takes about  1 1/2 hours. When you arrive at the Pittsburgh Terminal you must take a transit (like a little subway) to a second building where you can get a cab to Pittsburgh. You can't get lost since there are only two buildings.
East Ohio Street is on Pittsburgh's North side. This street has camera stores and one used camera store that is interesting.
The museum is on the second floor of the building and is a gem. They have some great autochromes and lots of other stuff.
Jeanne and I have traveled from Pittsburgh to NYC several times by this commuter flight and I recommend it.

There is also a train. I think its the Broadway Limited operated  by   Amtrack.  It runs from a station in downtown Pittsburgh  to
(I think) Penn Station in NYC. There  are (I think) two trains a day.  It has a restaurant car and  (more importantly)  a
Bar Car ;-)  Its a long trip. I think about 8 hours. Again you can get a cab at the train station to take you to the North Side.

I might mention that the Andy Worhall (sp?) Museum is also on the North Side and really is a must see if you go. The Carnegie
Museum in Oakland ( a section of Pittsburgh) has a pretty good art collection. The Daguerrian Society is located in downtown
Pittsburgh and has a nice collection of dags worth viewing. I  could go on........

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, you know my email address.

Best wishes,

Bob Schramm

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> Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 14:50:47 -0500
> From: jseigel@panix.com
> Subject: Pittsburgh as "gum" destination
> To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
> I have in hand the March/April Photo Review Newsletter, always a trove of
> interesting shows and events in this area (mostly Pennsylvania, New Jersey
> and New York).
> Admittedly I don't get to many of them, tho the roster itself is an
> education. This time, however, there's one I feel compelled to see, but
> perusal of my (very old) Atlas suggests you can't get there from here
> without a private jet. (Who knew Pennsylvania goes all the way to Kansas?)
> "Gum Bichromate Images from the 1920s/ Hand Colored and Hand Manipulated."
> Also, of less compelling interest to me personally, but an added
> attraction is "Pittsburgh in White: 1947 Snowstorm Images."
> The show is at a place which also sounds worthy (although somewhat
> redundantly titled, my editor suspects): Photo Antiquities Museum
> of Photographic History, 531 East Ohio St, Pittsburgh.
> The item includes a phone number (412/231-7881) and the show is apparently
> open Mondays thru Saturdays 10 to 4 until March 31.
> I'll call to see if any travel advice is forthcoming. (Husband says it's
> an 8-hour drive from NYC, suggests I take a bus, confident that buses do
> run from Manhattan to the midwest.)
> Meanwhile, if anyone has seen this show, or knows more about it, please
> share. And/or if anyone is inspired to join me in the trip, I'd love
> to hear from you.
> Judy