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Re: Gum on Masa

I join the crowd in admiration for Keith's gums of ballet...but add that it wasn't the sheer volume of work, or even the expert handling that felt so special -- we expect both from Keith by now. It was ALSO the subject matter !!

So touching to see the children learning this "antique" discipline, earnest, striving, and already graceful, hence all of them beautiful. I myself have no patience for sitting through a ballet performance of grownup ballerinas and (is there a term for male ballet dancers?)... but the images of these children frozen in their ardent struggle (and seeming early mastery!) are perfectly conveyed in the medium of gum:

Not too "photographic" to show the poetry, not too poetic to show the reality.

My own favorites were numbers 3, 9 and 11, but congratulations to Keith on all. (And, needless to add, it would be wonderful to see them, so to speak, in the masa.)