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alt exhibit

Dear list members,

Till the end of april, Atelier pH7 shows an exhibit on the topic of alternative processes today. We proudly exhibit 8 different processes with work of 15 international artists:
Alexandre (B), Christina Anderson (USA), Gay Auerbach (USA), Philippe Berger (B), Stanislav Kocar (SE), Roger Kockaerts (B), Chia N. Lfqvist (SE), Paul Louis Martin (FR), Michel Medinger (LU), Christian Nze (FR), Francis Schanberger (USA), Hamish Stewart (GB), Karel Van Gerven (B), Carl Weese (USA), Sam Wang (USA).
We kindly invite you to visit our web page: http://www.permadocument.be/texte/Z/A.html and hope to have the honor to be able to show your work in Brussels in the near future.

With our warmest greetings,

Roger Kockaerts
Permadocument - pH7
rue des Balkans, 7
B-1180 Brussels