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Re: HP D7260 printer opinions?

Hellena--NO!!! The R1800 can be made to work with diginegs, but the inks I used were just marginally UV blockers. The OEM inks were not much, if any, better but were a LOT more expensive. The R1800 did, however, make color photos that are impressive, even with my cheap inks.
For negs I had to desaturate the images--obviously giving me black and white--and use the highest ink setting (RPM, whatever that stands for). No color blocked UV enought to get paper white. If alt printing is your main goal, stick to another printer.

Charles Portland OR
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I gather from this mail that you would recommend the Epson R1800 for photo-alt work with UV light? Hellena
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Subject: HP D7260 printer opinions?

Well, my lovely Epson R1800 printer just sent me an error message essentially saying "goodbye, buy a replacement. " I have sent for a replacement waste ink tank and chip resetter, but hold out little hope.
I can't begin to replace it so I have looked at cheaper alternatives. So far I have not been able to find anyone who will let me print on the HP D7260 but the printed specs seem like it might work. Does anyone have any experience with this printer? How about recommendations in the $100 price range?
Thanks, Charles Portland OR