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Re: A few gum things

From: Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com>
Subject: Re: A few gum things
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 04:00:37 -0400 (EDT)

> On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
> > From: Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com>
> > Subject: Re: A few gum things
> > Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 01:38:51 -0400 (EDT)
> >
> >> On Tue, 8 Apr 2008, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
> >>
> >>> The beauty of glut hardening is that the paper is ready to use
> >>> as soon as it dries,
> >>
> >> That's the first suggestion I've heard that other hardeners aren't.
> >
> > That doesn't mean what you didn't hear do not exist.

> Ryuji, throughout my post I was referring (as you perfectly
> well know) to the materials and methods we use and can
> access for alt... not materials used in factory or
> laboratory production, that the brilliant Ryuji can look up
> in a catalog or reference from Polaroid or Kodak, et al.

I'm not the one who arbitrarily set the universe to be
narrower than it is. I consider all known users and
manufactuers of photographic materials, and not just a circle
of "we" (see quoted text above) narrow minded people, or
whoever people known to a specific participant of this list,
which take up 99% of the world, of course.

I further say that some participant of this list seems to use
the following type of rhetoric: "I've never seen/heard of xyz,
and therefore you (1) are wrong; or (2) didn't explain xyz
enough." This type of posts seldom advanced anyone's knowledge
in photography. It is far more useful to google xyz. Rather,
it has been a source of flame wars or waste of time at
best. I'm not interested in this.

Remember, ULF.

You are free to avoid or disapprove glutaraldehyde as a
hardener, but if you want to waste time, or start a flame war,
please pick someone else's post.

Ryuji Suzuki
"People seldom do what they believe in.  They do what is convenient,
then repent." (Bob Dylan, Brownsville Girl, 1986)