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Re: A few gum things

On Thu, 10 Apr 2008, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

I further say that some participant of this list seems to use
the following type of rhetoric: "I've never seen/heard of xyz,
and therefore you (1) are wrong; or (2) didn't explain xyz
enough." This type of posts seldom advanced anyone's knowledge
in photography. It is far more useful to google xyz. Rather,
it has been a source of flame wars or waste of time at
best. I'm not interested in this.

Remember, ULF.

You are free to avoid or disapprove glutaraldehyde as a
hardener, but if you want to waste time, or start a flame war,
please pick someone else's post.
Ryuji Suzuki
A comment on the above and its predecessor seems called for... If Ryuji's imagination in "artwork" (or anything else he is in fact "interested in") is as fine as his imagination in e-mail, as per, for instance, his notions of who is "starting a flame war" and his startling response to what I originally said, he is destined for fame and fortune.

I wouldn't however rely on his dictat that "this type of posts seldom advanced anyone's knowledge in photography." If anything not "advancing knowledge of photography" were removed from this list, folks would be running "tests" and fretting about the silence (while even discussing things to death can add useful info and clarity).

Either way, Ryuji may not be the ideal moderator. Certainly his rude response to my original comment stems from something in HIS mind, not the reality.

As for what I may or may not address in future, I'll be the judge of that, tho truth to tell, if I want a trip into Fantasy Land there are more amusing venues.