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Re: Tintype Workshop Dan

Don't sugar coat it so much Dan, tell us how you really feel!
What a non supportive response to someone's enthusiasm about attending a workshop. A note of caution is one thing but the "after mom is gone" was a bit too much. Just make sure you don't breath or drink the dichromate doing gum, or splash the bleach in your eye when toning, or get electrocuted when using a mercury vapor printer or get hit by a car on the way to the work shop or .....
Robert Newcomb

On Apr 10, 2008, at 7:53 PM, Dan Haygood wrote:

Tintypes, as in nitrocelulose, ether, potassium cyanide, etc.?

Make sure the grandparents are OK with babysitting after Mom is gone, too!

Seriously, there must be safer techniques after 160 years...can someone
post a rundown of the process used today?

- Dan

Hi All, I am looking to take a tintype workshop. It
could be in New York or Texas. Can anyone recommend
one? (grandparents are in both states , so I have free
baby sitting for my kids!)
Thank you kindly,