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RE: Tintype Workshop Dan

You're right Robert, that degree of dark humor was inappropriate.  My
apologies to Carmen, yourself, and others offended by that.

One can list the hazards of the workaday world without end, but tintypes do
have inherent dangers, riskier than many of those associated with other
processes.  And from her latest post, it's clear Carmen appreciates those

	- Dan

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Don't sugar coat it so much Dan, tell us how you really feel!
What a non supportive response to someone's enthusiasm about  
attending a workshop.  A note of caution is one thing but the "after  
mom is gone" was a bit too much.  Just make sure you don't breath or  
drink the dichromate doing gum, or splash the bleach in your eye when  
toning, or get electrocuted when using a mercury vapor printer or get  
hit by a car on the way to the work shop or .....
Robert Newcomb

On Apr 10, 2008, at 7:53 PM, Dan Haygood wrote:

> Tintypes, as in nitrocelulose, ether, potassium cyanide, etc.?
> Make sure the grandparents are OK with babysitting after Mom is  
> gone, too!
> Seriously, there must be safer techniques after 160 years...can  
> someone
> post a rundown of the process used today?
>     - Dan
>> Hi All, I am looking to take a tintype workshop. It
>> could be in New York or Texas. Can anyone recommend
>> one? (grandparents are in both states , so I have free
>> baby sitting for my kids!)
>> Thank you kindly,
>> Carmen