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Re: fogged digital negative?

I flipped the image before making the negative and the ink side goes to the paper. I just printed a new negative, and the 2 inked sides look similar to my eyes. The other sides differ. The bad one has that sort-of silver looking shine to it. But when I hold it up to the monitor, I can clearly see the area that lightens in the negative, in a circular pattern. So I assume that something, like the long exposure to the UV light, has affected the ink in the negative. Or, perhaps chemicals in the cyanotype did this. They are in contact with the negative ink side.

I wouldn't doubt that I've contaminated something along the way as a combination of my eagerness to learn and my other commitments. I don't always wait long from the time I make the negative until I try to use it to make a print (between an hour and 7 days). I don't remember how long I waited for this negative. But I haven't used anything to clean the glass except a cloth and an compressed air spray. Neither of these affected the other negative - used as often and without any problems. But I don't know how long I waited for the negative to dry with either of these.

- Gregg

On Apr 12, 2008, at 5:40 PM, Jeremy Moore wrote:

Which side touches your paper, the inked side or the side with the
problem? Also, did you clean the glass in your contact frame with any
chemicals recently? I've never had a digital negative do this before
using the same substrate and the same inks so my guess is that it's
not a substrate/ink problem, but some other contamination from
somewhere else.


On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 4:30 PM, Gregg Kemp <gregg@roanokesound.com> wrote:
Pictorico premium OHP and Epson 2200 ultrachrome ink, using photo black on a
glossy setting.

- Gregg

On Apr 12, 2008, at 4:46 PM, EJN Photo wrote:

Greg, What material did you use to make it? Inks?

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I was printing some cyanotypes today and one of my digital negatives
seems to have "fogged". I've printed with this negative 3-4 times
before, with fairly consistent results. But today it added a dark
ring around the print. When I looked at the negative, it looked OK on
the inkjet side, but the other side had a strange, silvery fog to it.
The effect was to lighten the negative and print out darker around an
area about 6 inches in diameter.

Is this a normal problem for a digital negative - a short life span?
Or did I do something wrong - maybe use it too soon after printing the
negative. I don't remember how long I waited before using it to make
a print. But I've used it several times over several weeks. I'll
make another negative, but just wanted to check here to see what I may
have done wrong. The negative requires a 9 minute exposure for the
cyanotype and paper I'm using. I'm printing with a UV lightbox that's
around 26 x 20 inches or so, and about 4 inches from the bulbs.

- Gregg

Gregg Kemp

Gregg Kemp