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RE: Attaching film in holders

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> It seems to me that there was a similar problem with
> Technical Pan which was also on a thinner than usual base.
> The recommendation was to use a sheet of thin, black,
> "kraft" paper under the film. That serves to put the film in
> the exact focal plane and to hold it against the rails of
> the holder. Normal sheet film in on 0.007" base.
> I also agree that a couple of dots of double-stick tape
> may help. About light from the adhesive: not all adhesives
> produce light when stressed. You can check this by simply
> peeling a little of whatever you intend to use in a dark
> room. Curiously, the tape used to stick roll film to its
> paper backing produces light when peeled. Triboelectricity I
> think.

Yes, it is called the "triboelectric" effect.

You can also get quite a light show crunching wintergreen lifesavers in the dark for the same reason.