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Re: glyoxal v. formaldehyde

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Alan Dehmer wrote:

Hi Judy,

It took me a couple of weeks to figure out what "the list" was that you mentioned to me when I first wrote to you about ordering PF back in the winter. I signed onto the list and lurked for several weeks before cutting back to an occasional gander. It's not always been the case, but these days, reading about most other processes than gum doesn't do that much for me. And the gum folks on the list seem mostly to do tri-color which I'm not that into either. And I wasn't too keen on the flame wars or whatever that flair up every so often.
Hi Alan -- as for flame war, That's Ryuji who evidently confuses me with his mother, and gets away with vicious attacks because most folks on the list think he's Einstein and suck up to him... (My understanding is that he copies much of his "wisdom" from catalogs & manuals.)

And of course the list can be a big bore when they go on and on and on about stuff you don't care about (now).... and it does go through phases, some better, some worse. But I do recommend exactly what you describe -- pop in every so often to keep abreast.... especially when you yourself have a question, as guaranteed will come up. In my experience the occasional poster, and at the very least one who has at least casually followed, gets a better response with a question than the newbie who comes on and in effect says "teach me so and so, I have a paper due next week."

But I've enjoyed reading what you and a few of the others have had to say about this and that and along the way I picked up some bits and pieces of useful information. And discovering this active site where like minded folks go to talk about alternative methods has done wonders for keeping isolation at bay.
And it does form community, which if you ever decide to go to a seminar or workshop or whatever, is helpful.

Thanks for the link to your work -- as soon as I get my browser working again, I shall visit. (Browsers think they're my mother-in-law, in fact the minute I go into the Fed Ex office down the block their entire system goes down.)

I have no work on line that I know of (unless the website for my T-shirt book is still up -- that's www.frontandbackpress.com). I have work in Lyle Rexer's book, "The New Wave of Antiquarian Photography" or something like that (a fake 3-color gum), and 3 prints in Christopher James's new manual of Alternative Photography, but otherwise none, or, as I say, none that I know of. I don't think it shows work well, or amounts to much in a "career" unless it's done by the (prestigious) gallery where you're having a show. And though once long long long ago I did have a show in a prestigious gallery, that was well before artists had websites, in fact before websites had websites...

OK, we see here one of my problems, I waste time writing... tho I do type fast. Anyway, I'm about to ask the list some questions: let's see if & what answers... Meanwhile did you know it's practically Passover even as I write? (I'm not observant, don't know how I got a daughter who really cares. My mother used to boast that she served pork on Yom Kippur. Daughter was heartbroken when the family that usually hosts her & father for seder went to California for their daughter's this year -- so is giving her own. I will be-- tra la -- in the studio !)

PS. I agree that gum is the only process worth real thought and effort, tho occasionally a quick cyano is helpful.

Best & thanks for the feedback,


But in the end I'm just not inclined to that sort of thing. But
thanks for alerting me to it in the first place. It was my first list serve experience.

It seems we approach gum with a similar mindset as well as a shared methodology. I looked for examples of your work on the internet. I wanted to see how those similarities in approach expressed themselves in your work but I only found a couple of things. Could you direct me to more of your work? Here's a link to mine. http://www.woodsedge.net/gallerypages/gum06.htm


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