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Re: Epson 3800 [pigment over alt process overprinting]

Edward Draper wrote:

I find any good quality paper works - I have a preference for this type of work to avoid anything with optical brighteners in it

Currently I'm using Fabriano 5 - takes both the platinum and the pigment extremely well

Are you printing the platinum first and then the pigment? Ron Reeder ( http://www.ronreeder.com/pigplat/?page=1 ) did his in the reverse order but stopped making them because he was getting stains on the back of the prints that he was unable to get to clear. He was printing on Arches Platine and, at that time, an Epson 2200. The prints I saw looked great on the front but, on the back, had tea colored stains behind the areas that had been printed with the pigmented inks. These stains appeared when the platinum print was developed and neither his clearing baths nor subsequent washing removed them. He was concerned that this could effect the paper or print longevity and stopped using this process altogether.

I asked him about printing the platinum first but he said he found registration to be a problem both because of paper shrinkage and getting the platinum print aligned in the printer so the pigmented sections were in correct registration.

Have you had any of these issues? Perhaps the 3800 inks do not have this problem.

I had intended to try the process but, after talking with Ron, I never did.

Dan Williams