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RE: ironing gum prints and other musings

Chris - Clay gave the virus to a guy named David Eisenlord. He is a mutual
friend, and I've seen some of the scans that Clay mentioned - he is
definitely a duck in water! Amazing what he learned in a short 4 hours, but
Clay is an excellent teacher.

Monty McCutcheon caught it from me. And he definitely has the alt-procss
mentality. Here's a guy who literally started photography just a few years
ago shooting 8x10 and making platinum prints.  He's now doing in-camera
20x24 negs and gum/platinum prints... in addition to ambrotypes up to 20x24.
Yeah, he's a duck, too. 

I've never done "classroom" teaching, but have taught workshops for over 10
years. There is definitely a "type" who embrace the processes and make them
part of their lives. I can often spot them within a few minutes of talking
to them, but I am frequently surprised.

There is certainly a sense of "proud parent syndrome" when someone takes
what you've taught them and goes on to do amazing work with it. I've been
lucky to have seen that happen several times...


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> Clay, Jack, Judy,
> Clay, it wasn't Marty McCutcheon by any chance who took to 
> gum printing like a duck to water?