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Re: Printing negatives with Piezography black inks

I bought a K7 piezograhy in set for the Epson 2200. It made beautiful prints on paper with the Harrington QTR, but the inks did not dry well on Pictorico or on the Photo Warehouse OHP that I use. They dried better on one than the other, but that was some time ago and I can not remember on which substrate they dried best. But either way it was not good enough for me so I went back to QTR and the Epson inks, which works much better for digital negatives on OHP, and is not far behind the K7 set for monochrome prints.

Sandy King

At 7:44 PM +0200 5/3/08, Erich Camerling wrote:
Mark Nelson schreef:
Depends on which inkjet. I had a digital negative printed on Pictorico with one of the piezo inksets. After 3 days of drying i was able to wipe off the entire image with a Kleenex.

I guess the advantage is that you could use the Pictorico over and over. Hehehe
 The disadvantage is that you cannot use the Piezography ink again