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Re: Flattening Paper- Mini Tutorial

Hi Clair,
What weight was the Saunders Waterford, do you know? I'm in the process of ordering paper, and the company I'm ordering from has the Saunders in 5 different weights, ranging from 190 to 640 gsm. (your paper might be measured in pounds, but there is a conversion chart somewhere online) I have tried Fabriano Artistico in 640...and it definitely did not buckle, but it is like card stock, expensive and seems like overkill for me.

I had just about decided on ordering Fabriano and Somerset Satin in 300 gsm, and now I'm considering adding the Saunders Waterford. Did you get hot or cold press? Has anyone tried Somerset Satin (for gum)?

Thanks! Laura

Well, yesterday, having accumulated 4 or 5 errands (gas conservation going on here) to do in the nearest city (35 miles) with an art supply store, I went there and bought one sheet of Saunders Whatman -- and have just gone though a cyanotype to the drying stage and voila! The sheet is still flat and ready for the gum. Temporarily very happy camper here. And if this sucker comes out as I see it in my mind, I will post it where you can gawk if so inclined!