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Re: Flattening Paper- Mini Tutorial

I think this was Claire about travelling 35 miles, no?

My suggestion would be that you call Daniel Smith (# in back pages of P-F) and request that they mail you a catalog.... They carry most of those papers, with specs -- and a very good line of watercolors with complete data... etc. Prices are very "competitive" -- the water colors especially. And of course they deliver. You do have a delivery charge, but probably cheaper than your gas, and since the truck is scheduling your stop in a larger route, at most -- ecologically speaking -- it's an extra half mile, or like that, not 70 miles round trip.

Also: I don't remember who, but someone in the last couple of weeks, mentioned Winsor Newton as a classic watercolor for gum... I wouldn't recommend it now. They've been bought, have discontinued their slower selling colors, do NOT list the info on the tube but only in a separate reference (that is, archival rating, actual color besides their own name, etc.) and (at least in past years) were always the most expensive brand.


Well, yesterday, having accumulated 4 or 5 errands (gas conservation going on here) to do in the nearest city (35 miles) with an art supply store, I went there and bought one sheet of Saunders Whatman -- and have just gone though a cyanotype to the drying stage and voila! The sheet is still flat and ready for the gum. Temporarily very happy camper here. And if this sucker comes out as I see it in my mind, I will post it where you can gawk if so inclined!