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Re: digital proofing of negatives

Thanks Gordon and Don.

I was thinking about using a camcorder but wondered if there was a still camera that could do better. My new Samsung SC-D372 renders very light in negative effects, even at the darkest setting.

Yes Don, I have heard about ScanCafe but it would be too wasteful to scan all of my negatives - a lot of them not good enough to do anything with and others too valuable to let out of sight. Even at such bargain prices, to send 40 years collection of negatives to India for cheap scans does not seem fun.

I guess everyone else keeps their contact sheets in good order, so there's no such need to sort through the mess? In a way, I feel like an archeologist, digging through the mountain of images to find a few forgotten gems for Photoshop to give new life to.


On Jul 5, 2008, at 9:54 PM, Don Bryant wrote:


Perhaps this service maybe worth considering for 35 mm and MF negatives: