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Re: Advice for finding a gallery.

Ohhhhh Ryan,

This is a $2000 question that lots of us photographers want the answer to...

Are you an alt printer? Or some other genre? Because with alt you need to be careful which venues to apply to. Large, digital color works are au courant so do your research. I wasted money in the beginning applying to shows that wouldn't even know what alt was.

I will give you my personal pointers but I know there are a bunch of people on this list more well versed than I so they better chime in:

1. Establish a website presence if you haven't already; you can do so through Visual Server (visualserver.com) because it is EASY and clean.
2. Subscribe to Art Deadlines at artdeadline.com or if broke, google "call for entries".
3. Start forking out the $$ to apply to shows to build up an exhibition record and get your work out there over and above coffee shops, although coffee shops are a great beginning to an exhibition record. But with entry fees and framing expect it to be seriously expensive.
4. Write a good, clean, spell-checked resume with this list of exhibitions (in descending chronological order of course!) and put exhibitions on your website so people know you actually can stay on task. For instance, I found out from a reputable consultant that teachers of photography are discriminated against in the gallery world because galleries don't think teachers have enough time to make work. I have enough time to make work--just not sleep or eat or have a life... But I have enough time to email on the alt list :)
5. Galleries--start local, then regional, but as far as cold calling and such, others on the list are way more knowledgeable on this than I. I do not have gallery representation because (gasp) I have not sought it...yet.
6. My biggest rule of thumb: ALWAYS have more than one iron in the fire at any time so when (and I say WHEN) the rejection occurs, you still have hope on the horizon. There are a couple horror stories I have heard from this list--one gallery telling someone their work was so bad they wouldn't waste their breath telling him/her why...
My six cents worth--looking forward to others' tips SOON??? Apparently most are enjoying their summer outside instead of at the computer.

Christina Z. Anderson

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I'm new to this list and appreciate all the information that is shared here. I've been into photography for 12 years now and have compiled a large portfolio of photographs that I've shown in local group art shows, cafes etc. I would like to try and take the next step to find a fine art gallery that could showcase my work. It's pretty intimidating.

Could anyone share general advice, process for approaching galleries, book recommendations? I'd appreciate any advice you could throw my way. If you know of any galleries that are having group shows or other venues where I could send my work it would be most appreciated.

Ryan Thompson