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Re: Advice for finding a gallery.

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Are you an alt printer? Or some other genre? Because with alt you need to be careful which venues to apply to. Large, digital color works are au courant so do your research. I wasted money in the beginning applying to shows that wouldn't even know what alt was.
Hi Christina,
I'm sure you didn't mean to imply that alt prints can't compete in the big real world of "art". Did you mean that it would be more productive in the beginning to stick to venues in tune to the alt genre? It's interesting though to hear that the trend is "large digital prints". I'm working on a series of images at the moment, and in my mind, I had imagined how powerful they would be printed life size in vivid high contrast. So when I started gum printing them last weekend, I got a shock. It's really something else entirely, much more intimate. I had to come down off my high horse and refocus to be able to appreciate what I'd done. So I can see how an exhibit with only the big, stark prints would reject an alt print. It would just get swallowed up in the exhibit. After being hit over the head repeatedly with a hammer, the gallery visitors simply wouldn't even see the alt print. But I wouldn't want to think that alt prints would only be appreciated in the realm of alt printing. It's sort of like saying, well that's really nice, for an alt print...!

Anyway, I'm still on step zero - producing a body of work - but eventually I will want to get the work out there, so thanks for the tips.