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RE: Richard circular print washer

Speaking of washing silver gelatin paper, David Vestal's 2nd photo book (one was the Art of Photography, the other the Craft of Photography, it was whichever was 2nd) included serious info on print washing. My recollection is that he said an almost still soak in a vertical print washer with just a trickle of water to keep things moving was just as effective as strong running water, and in more or less the same time. If I find that book (odds are good, think I know just the shelf) I'll confirm...

The other thing that's terrific in that book is a very simple formula for hypo tester... we used it for testing wash of VDB, et al -- VERY enlightening !

(Needless to say I'd trust Vestal in this before you, me or whatshisname.)

Tho on 3rd thought, it's possible that the info about trickle of water was in Grump, not the book...